Thorun Bronzebeard

Thorun of Clan Bronzebeard, First of his Name, Knight of the Soulforged




4 True & 1 False, you decide which is which…

  • Thorun’s induction into the Soulforge was a political move in hopes of seizing control of the throne.

  • Thorun Bronzebeard should be the King of Tal’Anart and of the dwarven people.

  • Thorun defended Tal’Anart from an entire army of undead and an archlich single-handed until the Soulforged arrived.

  • Thorun is the reincarnation of Moradin the All-Father, brought into this world to return the dwarven kingdoms to their rightful power and standing.

  • Thorun is not a Bronzebeard, but in-fact the last living heir to the previous King of the Dwarves.


I am a blacksmith. Working metal is what I do. My life, like the weapons and armor I create, was forged in tradition.

Raw ingots are the beginning of all smithing endeavors. As a young lad, I was like any dwarf, I lived for the clan. I was fascinated with carrying on the family’s honor and traditions. The Bronzebeards are known for their smithing, jewelcrafting, mining, and combat prowess.

Ingots must be heated and shaped into the basic form they are to become. I studied the ways of my people, following the teachings of the All-Father and Revered Mother for guidance in my craft. I worked tirelessly at my forge. I lost myself in my work, creating beautiful works that made the clan proud, which made me proud.

The metal must be reheated and pounded over and over again, and sometimes the metal must be melted back into an ingot and reforged. The peace of our kingdom was broken when an undead horde assaulted the gates of Tal’ Anart. As a dwarf, no, as a Bronzebeard, one of the founding clans of the kingdom, it was my duty to defend our home. I took to the gates where I helped lead the defense against the skeletal warriors and decaying corpses that shambled about. I slew several of the undead, but found myself in awe of the Soulforged, an order of warriors dedicated to the teachings of Moradin the All-Father, and the other dwarven gods. They broke through the horde with ease, breaking the bones and bodies with precision and overwhelming force. A few days later, the clan was assembled. Notice had arrived to our clan about the acts of heroism that our clan had shown during the siege of the city. It was announced that I was to be trained and inducted into the Soulforged, an honor given only to a select few. That was the day I was to be reforged, reforged from a tool of crafting into a weapon of war.

I am a blacksmith. Working metal is what I do. My life, like the weapons and armor I create, is being reforged…

Adventuring Log

14th of Planting, 347 p.s.

  • Thorun left the last major dwarven city of Tal’ Anart and ventured out across the Fire Isles towards Fire Port. His reason for traveling is not just for diplomatic purposes but also to deliver a holy weapon to a relative in Port City. He was assisted by a Shardmind Cleric of the Slayer domain. Along the way they encountered some Fire Beetles but were able to dispatch them easily. He was also able to discover a superior smith’s hammer and a large amount of ore along the way. Once Thorun arrived at Fire Port he secured passage on a ship headed towards Port City.

15th & 16th of Planting

  • Thorun had been working in the Fighter’s Guild as a blacksmith preparing his tools and items for the coming trials he would face. He learned to use his new smithing tools well and even learned some new crafting techniques by lending out his new tools to 2 other blacksmiths. While out on the town he met with Nemera a Tiefling from the Mage’s Guild. She told him about the portal’s affinity to Earth and Fire as of late and inspected his sword offering him advice on how to continue to forge it. He continued to work on his blade until late that evening and woke up early the next day to set off towards the Portal.

17th of Planting

  • After being grouped together the 5 formed a pact to protect each other in the face of danger when they adventure together. Before setting for into the portal a man rode up on an exhausted horse looking for help from the Mage’s Guild. Unable to resist the offered payment of 200gp each the group offered to help. They set off towards Longsaddle and upon arriving were greeted by a statue who was actually Tristan Harpell. Tristan told the group the town of Silverleaf, which he had just purchased, hadn’t been heard from in weeks. He tasked them to figure out what happened with the help of C.A.R.T.E.R a sentient map. The map answered all their questions and guided them to the mysterious village of Silverleaf. Upon arriving they camped outside the village perimeter and scouted around finding nothing. In the morning the silver leaves gleamed in the orchard but no people were around. They entered into the orchard and were shrunk down to 1/60th their height or 5ft to 1 inch. They battled their way to a picnic basket filled with the original inhabitants of the village. They warned the adventurers of the Raven that has been snatching them up as meals. Seeing some sparks flying from the table in the middle of the orchard they set out to investigate. During the trek, they dealt with savage rain, avoided an angry rabbit, and crossed over a stream on a branch filled with spiders. Once they reached the table they found Tristan's sometimes girlfriend, always rival, Freya. She admitted it was her spell that went wrong and shrunk everyone and that the only way to fix it was to climb the tree and break the Crystal Ball focus the Raven stole from her. Using potions and skill they climbed the tree battling wasps midway up. Using her sharpshooting skills, Fim, was able to destroy the orb turning them back to normal size and sending them crashing to the ground in a pile. After dusting themselves off, Freya told them that House Doomstaff was in their debt and disappeared giving them tokens to turn in for a favor. They were paid their 200 gp each and sent back to Port City after 2 days for some much-needed rest.

19th of Planting

  • Thorun spends his time in Port City between forging and working on his abilities. He runs into an unexpected individual from his homeland while in the training yard of the Fighter's Guild and learns a thing or two in battle. While blacksmithing and searching for new crafting designs he finds a teacher for a new item called a gun-blade and as he was forging on the 3rd-day the percentile dice hurt him greatly when some of his tools are stolen.

23rd of Planting

  • The crew is called upon to help close the portal that was causing problems after Fimdeer and Hien'ir stepped through it. Klien, Barnaby, Fimdeer, Thorun, Dandy, and a new face, Aura has joined the crew. This brave group fought their way through and dispatched the demon at the end. There were MANY WoW puns made in this episode. You have been warned...

24h of Planting

  • On the 24th of Planting, Fimdeer, Aura, and Thorun begin investigating mysterious disappearances within Port City. Who knows what they will find.