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Danderbin Commonhorn



Danderbin is a short pale-skinned Halfling man. He is completely bald, and wears dark grey common clothes. A number of odds-and-ends hang and protrude from his backpack, and he carries a small walking stick with a sling attached to the top.


4 True & 1 False, you decide which is which…


Danderbin and his wife Astrey lived in Niska for the majority of their lives. Danderbin working as a merchant, and Astrey worked as a guide around the Shadowed Cleft. Astrey was always the adventurous one, guiding people around and loving her job, whilst Danderbin was far more sheltered and focussed on his work.

As both of them reached a little over their 200th year alive, Astrey came down with a sickness and was bed ridden for two years. In the meantime, Danderbin worked night and day trying to make enough money to buy her the medicine required to heal her. Unfortunately, the price was too high for the medicine, and Astrey passed away before she could be healed. Some of the last advice she gave to Danderbin was to stop taking life so seriously, and to truly live life. He regrets spending too much time engrossed in his work, and not spending time in the final moments with her.

Now his goal is to not take life so seriously, and to do as his late wife advised. He is selling all his possessions currently, to catch a boat going anywhere out of the Shadowed Cleft to see the world that he has ignored for so long.

Adventuring Log

14th of Planting, 347 p.s.

  • Danderbin leaves his home in Niska for the Lost Settlements in the Shadowed Cleft as the Shadow’s Guild is coming for him. With the help of Nephis, the Dungeonborne Alchemist, he makes his way through many dangerous situations on the way there. Upon reaching the settlements all seems safe until he is tracked down. Danderbin is then offered a choice. Leave his homeland forever or face the punishment of the guild.

15th & 16th of Planting

  • Making friends with the crew of the ship helped to make the trip fly by. Before he knew it he was in Port City and was ready to see what he could see. He located the Merchants Guild and was able to get lodging set up for him and his Steeder. He investigated the festival during the night of the 17th and met with Barnaby and Klien. After talking with them for a while they made a deal to hire him as a guide for the small sum of 1 gp per week. They parted ways and Danderbin was able to cut a deal with the same Satyr that Barnaby gave his name to. Danderbin was transported to the Feywilde and made a deal with the Fairie Courts to serve them and gained a Warlock Pact. This newfound ability did come with a price. He was permanently charmed by the Satyr, gave up a lock of his hair, and lost his skill with Glassblower’s tools. Hopefully, this deal will be worth it. After that, he made his way back to the Merchants Guild after retrieving his Steeder and slept peacefully. Upon waking he made his way to the Mage’s Guild to meet up with his new friends.

17th & 18th of Planting

  • After being grouped together the 5 formed a pact to protect each other in the face of danger when they adventure together. Before setting for into the portal a man rode up on an exhausted horse looking for help from the Mage’s Guild. Unable to resist the offered payment of 200gp each the group offered to help. They set off towards Longsaddle and upon arriving were greeted by a statue who was actually Tristan Harpell. Tristan told the group the town of Silverleaf, which he had just purchased, hadn’t been heard from in weeks. He tasked them to figure out what happened with the help of C.A.R.T.E.R a sentient map. The map answered all their questions and guided them to the mysterious village of Silverleaf. Upon arriving they camped outside the village perimeter and scouted around finding nothing. In the morning the silver leaves gleamed in the orchard but no people were around. They entered into the orchard and were shrunk down to 1/60th their height or 5ft to 1 inch. They battled their way to a picnic basket filled with the original inhabitants of the village. They warned the adventurers of the Raven that has been snatching them up as meals. Seeing some sparks flying from the table in the middle of the orchard they set out to investigate. During the trek, they dealt with savage rain, avoided an angry rabbit, and crossed over a stream on a branch filled with spiders. Once they reached the table they found Tristan's sometimes girlfriend, always rival, Freya. She admitted it was her spell that went wrong and shrunk everyone and that the only way to fix it was to climb the tree and break the Crystal Ball focus the Raven stole from her. Using potions and skill they climbed the tree battling wasps midway up. Using her sharpshooting skills, Fim, was able to destroy the orb turning them back to normal size and sending them crashing to the ground in a pile. After dusting themselves off, Freya told them that House Doomstaff was in their debt and disappeared giving them tokens to turn in for a favor. They were paid their 200 gp each and sent back to Port City after 2 days for some much-needed rest.

20th of Planting

  • Danderbin decided to help out the poor with his loot. Though doing so was a unique and partially chaotic time. However, the people of Port City will always remember his alter ego's generosity.

22nd of Planting

  • Klien and Dandy meet up outside the Mage's Guild at the Jobs Board and decide to team up to earn some coin. The job they choose at the Light's Grasp Lighthouses, their decision could haunt them. 

23rd of Planting

  • The crew is called upon to help close the portal that was causing problems after Fimdeer and Hien'ir stepped through it. Klien, Barnaby, Fimdeer, Thorun, Dandy, and a new face, Aura has joined the crew. This brave group fought their way through and dispatched the demon at the end. There were MANY WoW puns made in this episode. You have been warned...