Arpeggio Ferri




Arpeggio Ferri is a woman of discipline and maintains an air of professionalism that is reflected through her fairly kempt appearance and respectful bearing, a trait that is often mistaken for arrogance. She never goes back on her word, and as is very cautious at giving it if she can help it. She lives each day in a series of measurements; from tasks such as getting adequate sustenance and rest, to making complex decisions in his line of work. Despite her by-the-book attitude, she always reminds herself to break form once in a while, a lavish meal, a few minutes taking in the sunset during a patrol, or even stopping to watch a performance in the town square.

A casual observer can easily single her out in any busy street. Her features are as striking as the reddish hue of her long locks and the shine of her armour.

Most prominent to her guise, however, is the battle standard that never fails to leave her reach. It said that the standard is constructed from the remains of an airship, giving the wielder a semblance of safety when falling from certain heights. Usually rolled up and secured with cord, the flag itself bears elegant flourishes that accentuate the sigil of the Sky Answer Mercenary company, and serves as the manifestation of their pride as being more than just simple sellswords.


4 True & 1 False, you decide which is which…

  • Won a nobleman’s prized griffon in a game of liar’s dice

  • Refused a marriage proposal from the son of one of the company’s regular clients, leading to him permanently cutting relations with the Sky Answer.

  • Left fellow mercenaries for dead for the sake of a mission.

  • Rode from Cumari to Stratius on horseback in record time.

  • Fought an entire battle with an arrow pierced through her leg and horse.


I was not born into great wealth, neither was I born into poverty. My father: Nicolo was an honest merchant and my mother: Lucrezia a governess. Our basic needs were satisfied enough for us to afford small comforts, our house was small but warmer than most, we could afford to have a variety of meals each day, but most importantly my parents can afford a proper education for myself.

My parents have always wished that I live a life that I’d one day look back with pride, they prefer it could be by taking over father’s business. But they had always found me staring into the horizon, watching visitors vanishing into the distance. If they could not keep me within a stone’s throw, they would rather I don’t sneak out with a passing caravan with them none the wiser. And so they arranged for Fernand de Aragon a condottiere (mercenary leader) and good friend of my father to take me under his wing.

I served as Fernand’s personal squire in the first years, he trained me as any other green recruit, and when he discovered I had a talent for fighting with words as well as a blade, he molded me to be a condottiere, expanding my education to tactics, politics and other necessary knowledge required of someone who would day lead, I admit I was not too excited about leading and I’m still unsure to this day.

The company operated within the elemental isles, most of the time in the float isles where there is no shortage of nobles looking bring their fellows down. My usual role within the company is to deal with minor employers and handle transactions which earned me the moniker of “Ambassador”, I’m not really fond of it. In battle I carry the company’s colors, very odd for a group of fewer than thirty people, Fernand preferred to keep our numbers small enough to serve as shock troops and skirmishers. Our creative problem solving are among the coveted characteristics of our group. We were well armed, well trained, we give quarter to surrendering troops, and we don’t break the contract.

The nature of our work often finds us working for an employer one day and working against him in the other unless he keeps hiring our services of course. We had a few odd jobs and a lot of close calls, overall business was good, and I make sure to write home and some money along with it, a mother will never cease to worry after all.

All good things however never reach a point of stagnation, as we all learn one way or another. We were hired to drive out a group of bandits that established camp within a client’s holdings, the Bandits ended up being another company hired by the same person, and in the heat of the battle when both parties are spent, our employer thought it would be wise to send his own men to eliminate us. We survived through a truce that dispatched the waylaying soldiers, but at the cost of so many brothers and sisters in arms, Fernand among them. We gathered every abled survivor and infiltrated our illustrious employer’s holdings in the guise of his own men that he sent to eliminate us. It is bad form to eliminate a potential client among mercenaries, but he made it unnecessarily personal.

We grieved, we celebrated memories and wrote letters home. After all, is settled, what was left of each group decided to form a new company lead by Yusuf: Fernand’s second. I in my grief decided not to join them, surprising myself as much as the men and women I fought beside for years, in the end, they must have understood, Fernand was like a second father to me.

As we parted ways, my former company presented me with the company standard, they thought that in my hands, the memories of all who served under it will never be forgotten. I am inclined to believe them. So after one last night in revelry, I silently slipped out accompanied by another soul who seems as weary of this life of excitement as I am.

Riding through the early hours of the day, we begin a sojourn towards Port City of the Isle of Thalos, a place both of us has heard rumors of it being a nexus of new beginnings.

Adventuring Log

14th of Planting, 347 p.s.

  • Arpeggio left her mercenary group after a particularly bloody battle headed for Atmos where she can get a ride to Port City. Once of her former mercenary members agrees to come with her on the trip. Along the way they are forced to put down some bandits who sought to steal from them. After arriving at Atmos, they are able to secure passage on an airship and find their way to Port City.

15th & 16th of Planting

  • After arriving at Port City Arpeggio is astounded by all the people and activity around her. She heads towards the job's board to begin making money in what will become her new home. She takes 2 jobs from the Fighter’s Guild and is able to secure lodging at the Drunken Mug. Arpeggio starts her first job of patrolling the streets of Port City during the Seed Sowing Festival. There she stops a thief and almost tragically looses her battle standard to a fallen statue but it seems the enchanter she met earlier that day left a bit of power on her Standard after all.

17th of Planting

  • Arpeggio, Alsaphat, Cherno, and Bob set off in search of a dangerous new drug that seems to be killing those who take it, including many children. This task was assigned to them by a harmless looking matron who runs an orphanage in the Docks District. 3 major gangs in town seem to be the obvious suspects and the 4 adventurers do their best to uncover what could be going on. They end a robbery early and further investigate the drugs but can’t find a connection between them and the gangs anywhere. Being to suspect foul play they head back toward the orphanage to find they have been misled and betrayed. The final battle that takes place nearly claims their lives as they take down 2 powerful foes in the orphanages basement.

18th of Planting