• Class - Cleric - Life Domain - Player’s Handbook

  • Race - Bronze Dragonborn - Player Handbook

  • Background -

  • Temple Guild Member

  • Current Character Sheet

  • Unique Magic Item - Blazing Life Amulet

  • Other Magic Items

  • Quest Log

    • Find allies and make connections for Garic’s Retreat



Alsafhat is a Dragonborn life Cleric. He was born into an extremely secluded dragonborn clan located in Garic’s Retreat, a stronghold in the northern part of the Frozen Cap. He is extremely dedicated to his clan, and chose to become a life cleric as a way of serving his people. After The Shift, the Clan recognized that the events outside their borders were too important to ignore, and they could not live in complete seclusion any longer. Instead, one member would be chosen to act as an emissary to the outside world. They would travel the world, reporting major events back to the clan Elders and executing the Will of the Clan in the outside world. It’s an extremely honorable position, but the Chosen live out their days outside their true home. To one who’s greatest love is their home, being chosen is akin to exile. On the eve of his Ritual of Manhood, news came that the previous Chosen had passed in the night, and Alsafhat was elected as his successor.

Adventuring Log

14th of Planting, 347 p.s.

  • Alsafhat made his way from Garic’s Retreat in the Frozen Cap to Port City with the aid of Frost a Ice Genasi Ranger. The pair managed to make it to the Crystal Light Temple without any major events other than a run in with some wolves. Upon reaching the temple, Alsafhat sees many strange and wonderful people and things. Once such wonderful occurance was meeting a Wind Trader merchant. This merchant has a small pocket dimension where his shop was located and had items of powerful magic for sale. After leaving the temple, Alsafhat and Frost were assaulted by a White Dragon Wyrmling. They were just barely able to bring it down and quickly headed towards Far Port and a way to Port City.

15th & 16th of Planting

  • Alsafhat took part in the Seed Sowing Festival by assisting the Temple’s Guild with handing out blessings and performing magical rituals. While he was exploring the ground he also ran into a merchant selling strange Necromantic items.

17th of Planting

  • Appegio, Alsaphat, Cherno, and Bob set off in search of a dangerous new drug that seems to be killing those who take it, including many children. This task was assigned to them by a harmless looking matron who runs an orphanage in the Docks District. 3 major gangs in town seem to be the obvious suspects and the 4 adventurers do their best to uncover what could be going on. They end a robbery early and further investigate the drugs but can’t find a connection between them and the gangs anywhere. Being to suspect foul play they head back toward the orphanage to find they have been misled and betrayed. The final battle that takes place nearly claims their lives as they take down 2 powerful foes in the orphanages basement.