Pathfinder to the Aravail



At a glance, I appear to differ little from your typical Wood Elf. Pale thin features cradled by a petite elven frame. Hair of dark oaken brown falls over each pointed ear where it is not tied up in a loose ponytail. Eyes of dull amber are made sharps by large and curious pupils. In many ways, I remain unspoilt.

My armour hugs my body snuggly - scales of leaf shaped leather and bronze, wrapped in green and grey cloth. My bow was carved of oak, woven in gold, and tipped with ivory, for the elves of the Aravail are well known for their fletchers. Daggers of whitewood hilts rest against my quiver, an ornate piece wrapped in tanned leather.


4 True & 1 False, you decide which is which…


‘Duty’ is not a word often heard amongst those who dwell in the forests of Tangle, although it’s grip on society is felt deep to its core. Instead, they prefer to label their efforts as a matter of ‘responsibility’. We as Elves are responsible for the health of this realm and the next, running our fingers across the fabric of reality to mend whatever tears we find. Each child is taught this simple fact, and to each their child is taught the same.

‘Caretaker’ is a word often used as well, although it too has lost much of it’s meaning. The Elves have become unquestioned masters of the thread, weaving through it’s patterns with effortless grace. One can now step through in one place an appear in another, a feat previously thought unattainable without first dipping into the arcane powers. The elders spoke of blessings from the Great Tree of Knowledge that allowed us to ascend to our proper roles in this age, and I am not one to question their wisdom. No longer caretakers, but masters.

My clan often spoke of their wishes for me to join the conclaves - to eventually ascend to elderhood. It is the wish of any caring family that their children fulfil their utmost potential. Despite this, I never saw it being so simple. My feet could never be rooted like the trees we protect, nor could my eyes remain shut to the world outside the groves of worship. I was born to move, to climb, to breathe. I was born to step beyond the veil of the known and peer into the unknown of this plane. There was still so much out there yet to be seen, heard, and discovered.

Perhaps then if I was to be summed up in one word, ‘extraverted’ would not be it. I was calm, reserved, yet curious. A perfect candidate for one of the knowledge conclaves, maybe even the horizon walkers with enough time. Perhaps this path is not what my family would have wished - the Aravail clan was founded deep in the grounds of Wood Elf tradition, and rarely did we ever stray far from our home in the forests. The role of pathfinder was an exceptionally knew idea for the time. With the expansions made possible by the interplanar network of portals, our role in this world was rapidly taking new form. Territories had to be established elsewhere, as well as drafting new trade deals.

When I came of age, there was never really a decision process. I didn’t have the potential needed to walk the path of the horizon walker - those who learn to become masters of the thread. Perhaps that role is best left to the High Elves. As a Wood Elf, my own capabilities were far more measured, rather than drawn from the extraplanar powers. Perhaps this made me a little weaker and more vulnerable than most, but I tried not to give it more thought than was necessary.

The Iervellen, or rather the Discovery Conclave, would teach me instead to remain focussed on honing my physical capabilities, as well as mental. As a pathfinder, adaptability came first and foremost. We were expected to be acrobats, diplomats, scouts, and trackers all at once. In this new world, there was little left to chance. Killing the Bloods to the north was no moral dilemma - they were nothing but mindless beasts that needed to be put down - but it would not always be so beyond our shores.

While I never bonded with my fellow trainees, I was never truly required to. We would act as individuals first and foremost - the isolation of it all seemed rather appealing to me. When our training had concluded, I was one of the first pathfinders to be given assignment. I couldn’t have asked for anything more meaningful. Stepping through the gateway from one location to the next, there was always going to be that moment of hesitation. The instructors always said this would happen. Within a moment of a moment, you consider the weight of every step, the decades leaning on each movement.

And yet I’m a pathfinder now. This is what I wanted. This is my duty.

Adventuring Log

14th of Planting, 347 p.s.

  • Fimdeer was assigned the duty of aiding a Yuke Planar as they investigated a strange occurrence of new portals opening up within the Fey Port area. During this expedition she discovered 3 distinct portals had opened. The first was a dark black pit with no light emanating from it. They closed the portal without entering and continued on. The second portal opened up into a lava filled tunnel where Orcs were doing battle with Troggs. The two assisted in bring down the lead Trogg before escaping through the portal and sealing it behind them. The final battle took place outside the 3rd portal. Strange giant insect type creatures guarded this location and with skill and stealth they were dispatched. Having completed that task Fimdeer left Fey Port for Port City on the Isle of Thalos.

15th & 16th of Planting

  • Fim was advised by the elders of her clan to travel to Port City and learn more about the world and how it works. She is extremely talented and the elders don’t want to see that talent smothered by the confines of Fey Port. She boarded a ship and made her way across the waters to the Isle of Thalos. When she arrived in Port City she was immediately directed to the Elven District which lay just outside the city walls on the East side. She was able to find lodging in the Green Field Inn, and was informed of the festival taking place and where the Mage’s Guild was if she was looking to make a couple coins. She investigated the Guild and was told to return in the morning of the 17th to join the other newbies in their first Portal trip. She returned to the Elven district after taking in the sites of the city and awaited the morning.

17th of Planting

  • After being grouped together the 5 formed a pact to protect each other in the face of danger when they adventure together. Before setting for into the portal a man rode up on an exhausted horse looking for help from the Mage’s Guild. Unable to resist the offered payment of 200gp each the group offered to help. They set off towards Longsaddle and upon arriving were greeted by a statue who was actually Tristan Harpell. Tristan told the group the town of Silverleaf, which he had just purchased, hadn’t been heard from in weeks. He tasked them to figure out what happened with the help of C.A.R.T.E.R a sentient map. The map answered all their questions and guided them to the mysterious village of Silverleaf. Upon arriving they camped outside the village perimeter and scouted around finding nothing. In the morning the silver leaves gleamed in the orchard but no people were around. They entered into the orchard and were shrunk down to 1/60th their height or 5ft to 1 inch. They battled their way to a picnic basket filled with the original inhabitants of the village. They warned the adventurers of the Raven that has been snatching them up as meals. Seeing some sparks flying from the table in the middle of the orchard they set out to investigate. During the trek, they dealt with savage rain, avoided an angry rabbit, and crossed over a stream on a branch filled with spiders. Once they reached the table they found Tristan's sometimes girlfriend, always rival, Freya. She admitted it was her spell that went wrong and shrunk everyone and that the only way to fix it was to climb the tree and break the Crystal Ball focus the Raven stole from her. Using potions and skill they climbed the tree battling wasps midway up. Using her sharpshooting skills, Fim, was able to destroy the orb turning them back to normal size and sending them crashing to the ground in a pile. After dusting themselves off, Freya told them that House Doomstaff was in their debt and disappeared giving them tokens to turn in for a favor. They were paid their 200 gp each and sent back to Port City after 2 days for some much-needed rest.

23rd of Planting

  • The crew is called upon to help close the portal that was causing problems after Fimdeer and Hien'ir stepped through it. Klien, Barnaby, Fimdeer, Thorun, Dandy, and a new face, Aura has joined the crew. This brave group fought their way through and dispatched the demon at the end. There were MANY WoW puns made in this episode. You have been warned...

24h of Planting

  • On the 24th of Planting, Fimdeer, Aura, and Thorun begin investigating mysterious disappearances within Port City. Who knows what they will find.