The Commons

  1. Park

    The park within the commons is an attempt to bring nature into this crowded district. It features many fruit and nut trees as well as a pond in the middle that is regularly stocked with fish. The druids reguarly tend to the park and make sure everything is as green and healthy as it can be.

  2. Inns

    Due to the middle class population within the district, the inns tend to have that same feel to them. They are nice and the food is “home cooking” style. They are all reasonably priced and comfortable. The 3 inns are listed below

    • The Drunken Mug - Run by Eila, a middle aged halfling woman with a very jovial and talkative nature.

    • The Golden Sun

    • 3

  3. Cemetery

    The only civilian cemetery within Port City is located here within the commons. The Temple Guild oversees it and conducts ceremonies here regularly. Due to the size of the plot, almost all burials here are done after cremation and large family plots are not uncommon. Typically ashes are buried and returned to the soil in a marked plot. When the next family member passes their ashes are spread in the same location.

  4. Markets

    The markets within the Commons are as much an overflow from the Merchants distract as anything else. However, they cater mostly to locals and sell mainly groceries, home items, and essentials as opposed to the exotic and varied stock the Merchants Guild holds.

  5. Heroes Memorial

    This statue garden is dedicated to all the heroes who have given their lives in the service of Port City. Each statue there represents and archetypal idea and the names of those who have past are etched upon a placard there. The statues represented are the warrior, the magician, the cleric, the ranger, the craftsman, the performer, the noble and the commoner.

  6. Middle Class Homes

    Those in the middle class who can afford their own homes and have large families usually live in this area. While space is at a premium it is still within a families budget to be able to afford a real home with a small yard around it. 85 - 90 percent of these homes are occupied year round.

  7. Apartment Homes

    Most of the population of the Commons live within apartments. Due to the advances in magic and technology these very large building are able to house many more people than they would normally be able to. Pocket dimensions allow for a great number of rooms in very little space, and advanced modular building developments allow for tall study buildings that not only soar into the air but also tunnel beneath the earth. The cost of these apartments is slightly less than a home, but the other benefits are great for those without large families.