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Government District

  1. Emissary Halls

    This is where all major politicians and dignitaries are housed during their stay at Port City. There are 5 main hall each catering to different requirements of their guest. Each can house 4 separate parties each with 30 rooms per party. They are extremely private and each party has it’s own floor, wing, or section that is manned by a neutral security force to keep the peace.

  2. Grand Council Hall

    All governmental decisions are made here. The entire building is so heavily secured that even most of the staff can’t remember the layout upon exiting the building. Special warns and security measure of magic, technological, and mundane are all in use here. The full council meets the first day of the month for regular business but special meetings can be called when the need arises. The other separate council members hold office hours here during the rest of the month.

  3. NOTABLE Inns

    There are 5 Inns of note within the Government District. They handle the people visiting the Council Hall but that aren’t politicians. These Inns each have their own specialty and level of extravagance.

    • 1

    • 2

    • 3

    • 4

    • 5

  4. Airdocks

    The Airdocks handle all the major air ship traffic within the city. Only the wealthy or very well connect can afford air travel so many of the vessels carry people of importance here on official business. The docks are separated into 2 halves. The Eastern docks handles the primarily magical vessels while the Western docks handle the primarily technological ships. Sometimes magic and technology class and it helps keep the area safer for everyone.

  5. Foreign Exotic Markets

    Since people from every culture come to the Government District it only makes sense that some rare and exotic merchants would set up shop. These merchants change from week to week depending on who is traveling and staying within the city.

  6. Ritual & Scrying Locations

    There are 2 primary spot for ritual and scrying. The first one is a ceremonial circle with all the necessary equipment for spells requiring divine assistance. This is a deity neutral circle and can be used by anyone with divine magic. The second is a permanent arcane magic circle. This location can be used by anyone with arcane magic. Both locations are very busy and in high demand. To use these you have to have permission from the Temple or Mage’s guild. There are similar location within each guild hall for their members but these facilities are for non-member who which to work spells requiring a permanent setup. Any materials used up in the castings much be repaid to the appropriate guild hall.

  7. Council Manors

    These mansions are owned by the members of the council. Each council member has one and can reside there so long as they hold that position. Most council members live there when they are within Port City. Each also employs it’s own independant security service.

  8. Port City Grove

    While wild areas exist outside the walls of Port City there is still a need for a grove within the city to allow the Druids to practice their art. Druids have a central grove and a means to stepping from grove to grove within the world through this central location. This grove acts as a place of power and ceremony that is used in conjunction with the Elemental Protection Stones to shield Port City from natural disasters, wayward portals, and bad weather.

  9. Elemental Protection Stones

    These stones are the focal points of many protection wards that shield the city from harm. They are collectively operated by the druids, the Mage’s Guild, and the Temple Guild. The druids use magic to keep Port City from experiencing dangerous weather, natural disasters, and outside portals. The Mages Guild have cast anti-scrying spells and detection spells within them to keep citizens safe. The Temples Guild use them to keep plagues from spreading and to keep major Devils and Demons from entering. There are still ways for storms to hit, detection spells to work, and demon summoning to happen but they are much more rare and difficult because of these stones.

  10. West Game Road

    This road leads out of the city and into the Elven District. Traffic is monitored at all hours by posted guards.

  11. East Gate Road

    This road leads out of the city towards the Cross Roads Fort. Traffic is monitored at all hours by posted guards though traffic through this gate is light.