The Cauldron

  1. Park

    This small park is much closer to a communal garden than it is a park. The park is maintained by the nature magic users in the district and contains a small pond, a small section of trees, and a communal garden.

  2. Market

    The markets in this area are mostly made up of local artisans. There are also small general merchandise merchants, and grocers here.

  3. Low Income Homes

    Most of the homes here are crudely made and run down, but they do function well enough to keep people out of the weather.

  4. West Gate Road

    This road leads out of the city and into the Elven District.

  5. Mixed Temple

    A temple stands here for general worship. This small temple serves as a place for those in the district to worship without having to go to the main temple’s guild area. This temple also serves as an emergency shelter and soup kitchen for the residents.

  6. Middle Income Homes

    The homes here are more well built than the other homes in the district and house bigger families with greater ease. Most of them consist of one to two floors and three to four rooms per level.

  7. Shadow’s Guild Entrance

    The “Official” entrance to the Shadow’s Guild is located here, near the West Gate. This is a public office for those seeking the guild’s assistance can go to seek their help.

  8. Many Taverns and Inns

    There are 4 main Taverns/Inns within the Cauldron.

    • The Kettle Black

    • The Greasy Spoon - Run by an extremely friendly Goblin, they cater mostly to the tastes of Goblins, Orcs and other more monstrous races.

    • ?

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