Elven District

  1. Homes

    The homes of many of the elves that live within Port City. Due to their more nature based practices they live more comfortably outside the main city itself to be closer to nature.

  2. Camps

    This campsite is for those in the employ of good favor of the elves. Those who wish can camp here to be near the city but not within it.

  3. Green Field Inn

    The Green Field Inn caters almost exclusively to elves and other nature based races. They also have a small general store that sells rare items that can only be obtained in the Tangle.

  4. Orchard

    This magical orchard contains fruit and nut bearing trees that can usually only be grown within the Tangle. They are meticulously tended to by the Druids within the District.

  5. Portal Trees

    These tree have a direct link to the Fey Wilde. They are always guarded and can only be used by those who have permission from the elves.

  6. West Gate Road

    This road leads back into the city between The Cauldron and the Government District.