Guild District

  1. Merchant’s Guild

    Ever shop, artisan, and item can be found here. You can buy or sell almost anything within the Merchant’s Guild section of the district. The Main Guild Hall for the Merchant’s Guild can be found here.

  2. Mage’s Guild

    Magic crackles upon the air when you set foot into this area of the city. Spellcasters of every variety can be found here. Many mage shops also found in this area. The Mage’s Guild also houses the Portal Crystal and the Job Board

  3. Portal Network

    The Portal Crystal is the main economical force within the world. The Portal allows adventurers to visit in place, time, and location they can imagine, and many they cannot. The crystal is housed within the Mage’s Guild area due to the continual magical draw that the crystal needs to function.

  4. Job’s Board

    This board lies on the road between the Mage’s Guild and Merchant’s Guild areas. This board serves as the main job finding service within the city. Anyone can post a job on this 20 ft long 8 ft high wall.

  5. Fighter’s Guild

    The ringing of hammers against steel, and the shouts of battle can be heard here at all hours of the day. They best weapon and armor smith’s can be found within the Fighter’s Guild as well. The center of the Guild holds a massive fighting arena.

  6. Temple Guild

    The divine had a hand in crafting this unique part of the city. Designed like a wagon wheel, all temples are within the inner circle their backs all facing together with a large central road that rings it. What makes this place unique is the temple also have enough room and never seem to need to be remodeled or built, and temple appear and disappear at random. The center of the temple area cannot be seen and is an extra-dimensional space allowing for infinite expansion depending on the temple’s needs. The Good Aligned temples are to the north, temples dedicated to natural things are on the west, evil temples lie to the south, and temples dedicated to civilization based things are to the west.

  7. Tinker’s Guild

    The smell of smoke, the sight of whirling gears, and the sound of distant explosions surround you while you are within this district. The newest of the guilds, the Tinker’s Guild wasted no time in becoming a major power within the city. They use a massive network of interconnected tunnels and soaring towers to house the most innovative new technology.