Episodes 9 - 12 content and links


Below are are the links to the material used in the podcast. Full credit for these go to their creator.

Luke use two different sets of homebrew. For his race he chose the Tauren and for his class he used the Dawnforged Shaman

Vergil is playing a standard Half-Orc with the Atavist class.

TJ is playing two homebrews as well. A Mousefolk and the Tyromancer Wizard.

And finally, Micah is bringing in a converted Numenera character using the Arcanatron and the Avenger Class.

The adventure we ran is a converted pathfinder module entitled, "The Emerald Spire Superdungeon."

The in-game music for these episodes can be found on Tabletopaudio.com

The intro and ending music was created by Vergil Nelson