Below are are the links to the material used in the podcast. Full credit for these go to their creator.

All the content for these players can be found in the following packet. 

Final Fantasy Compendium by SilentSoren on Reddit.

Micah will be playing an Elf, White Mage

Luke is a Miqo'te, Mechanist 

Hope played a Half Elf, Dragoon

Vergil used a Clavat, DarkKnight

The Clavat can be found in the Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles Compendium by Wherf on Reddit.

The adventure was created by DM Bob and a link to the google drive with monster and boss stats will be included here.

Vergil Nelson is the creator of the Intro and Outro music and was used during part of the game as well.

The music used is the official music from the games. To purchase this music please use the links below. 

Episode 17 - The Dark's Embrace & The Dark's Kiss can be found on iTunes here

Episode 18 - Across the Divide information can be found here

Episode 19 - Through the Gloom can be found on iTunes here

Episode 20 - Battle Theme can be found on iTunes Here

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