Below are are the links to the material used in the podcast. Full credit for these go to their creator.

Micah played as a Skald

MTNRhyno ran as a Pokemon Trainer

Vergil was a Shinobi

Hope played a Magical Girl

The adventure we ran was through a homebrew adventure created by Bob

The in-game music this time around comes from a ton of different places listed by episode:

All Character Intros:

Naruto Main Theme (From "Naruto") - Single

Pokemon X - 10 Years of Pokemon

Sorairo Days (From "Gurren Lagann")

Moonlight Densetsu

46 - In-game music - Best Naruto Fighting/Motivational OST || Rise and Fight ||

47 In game music used - All Pokémon Villainous Team Boss Themes [GEN 1-7]

48 - In game music used - Mix : Music Anime Kawaii - Sweet

The intro and ending music was created by Vergil Nelson

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