These are the resources used in the game. Feel free to look them over and download them as needed.

Obsidian Portal Link 

World Calendar

Star Signs

Guild Information

Fighter’s Guild

Mage’s Guild

Merchant’s Guild

Shadow Guild

Temple Guild

Tinker’s Guild

House Rules

  • Natural 20 in combat - Rolling a Natural 20 in combat always hit regardless of debuff effects such as Bane. The damage is calculated as Maximum + roll + modifier. (Example: Natural 20 on a Shortsword attack. Maximum damage is 6. Add in a rolled d6 lets say it was a 4 and finally add in your modifier lets say its +2. The total damage of 6+4+2 would equal 12 damage.

  • Natural 20 on ability checks and saves - Rolling a Natural 20 on an ability check or a save is not guaranteed to succeed, but if it does the success is extraordinary. For my games a Natural 20 counts as a 30 unless your modifiers would make it above that. This applies for saves against effects as well.

  • Rule of Cool - Story trumps rules in my games. If you rolled a Natural 20 on an attack roll and you were within 5 point of defeating a powerful enemy I will likely give it to you anyway. I want this game to be full of memorable moments and grand exploits.

  • Death Rules. I will be using the death rules created by Mathew Mercer. Click here to find out more or check out the Tal'dorei Campaign Book.

  • Luck Stat. - Everyone has a Luck stat that I collected during the introductory missions. This stat I use when I call for a Luck check. I’ll have a player roll a d20 and I calculate the result after adding or subtracting their Luck modifier.

  • Sanity - Certain occasions will add in sanity as a stat. This will occur mostly in dreamscapes and other psychically charged encounters. Losing sanity results in a form of madness outlined in Out of the Abyss.

  • Power Rest - In addition to short and long rests, a third type of rest is available. A power rest takes only 10 mins to perform and when taken players can recover 1 hit die only and only half of their abilities that recover on a short rest.

  • Flanking - the optional flanking rule is in effect. Just remember this counts for enemies as well…

Crafting Rules

City & Wild by Ignacio Portilla

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything