You can easily join the game by becoming a Patreon member at the Player rank or higher. Once you do you are guaranteed a spot in the game. Use the info below to create the perfect character that you will be excited to play for years to come. For basic info about the game, setting and non-standard rules use the menu on the side.

How to build the character

Allowed Sources – All official book classes, races, and backgrounds are open for use. For homebrew content please shoot me a link ahead of time if you find something you like, and I'll look it over for balance. Almost anything that has been created by a publisher such as Critical Role, Kobold Press, or Warlock Press are approved for use just give me a heads up. Anything found on or on Reddit needs to be approved by my first. Be aware that works in progress will need to be updated if the owner of the work updates the product. It would be best if you chose from completed works but it's not required.

Rules and Downloads - Make sure you have everything that you need downloaded from our Rules and Downloads section. *LINK*

Stats and Levels

  • Everyone starts at 3rd level, this allows for diversity even within the same class.

  • You can use Standard set (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8), Point Buy (27), or Roll for stats.

  • Modified Rolling -If you don’t mind some risk for the potential reward you can roll for stats by video calling one of the DM’s. This will allow you to potentially get a couple of extra points but you could lose a couple of points as well. It is a modified and capped rolling system. Roll the standard 4d6 and drop the lowest, any rolls totaling less than 6 are rerolled.

    • There are no language or skill penalties for having a 6 other than the -2 modifier. Once all the rolling is completed total those values and calculate them using the point buy system.

    • Your total must fall between 25-29 points on the point buy system. If you end up with 32 total you must reduce your stats if you fall below that you can add. Once you have made the decision you cannot change them. There will be plenty of opportunities to gain items and abilities to raise a less than optimal score set.

    • Point Buy Calculator we use.

Star Signs – Part magic part divine these signs grant different things to those who are born during the appropriate time. Use the Star Sign Document and Calendar to choose your birthday. The personality traits are optional and may be taken in addition to your background’s traits.

Starting Location - Choose starting location within the world of Arcadia. If you want to come from outside Acadia approve it with DM first. Information can be found HERE.

Rumors and Backstory – Please make a very detailed background, we can work with an amnesia character, but it’s not preferred. The more detailed your background the better as I construct every adventure with the characters details in mind. We run everything with a major degree of chaos and randomness, but I still try to include bits that will resonate with your characters. I will work with everything you give me. Also, write 5 rumors in the secret section of your character listing. 2 that are true and good, 2 that are true and bad, and 1 that is false either good or bad. 

Last but not least – Please only bring characters and ideas that you are willing to invest years into. I'm totally fine running a casual non-recorded game if you aren't sure. If you are set on a role like tank or healer that's totally fine just let everyone know so we don't end up with 5 wizards and 1 fighter or something like that.

Important things to know for character creation

Personal Missions – Many events will take place in small groups or one on one including the first introduction session and downtime days in between large group games. Be ready to BE your character not just play them. Role play will be a major part of this and as a small group or single player, you will be the focus of the entire session so be prepared.

Racism - the world is populated by a multitude of races and there is a lot of tension between many them. The only real constant rule is those who are inherently magical are distrusting of those who prefer technology and shun magic. This goes both ways.

Tech vs. Magic – The world according to many is split into 3 parts (though there are actually 4.) Those who choose magic over tech, those who choose tech over magic, and those who abstain from both. The 4th is one that is thought by many to be taboo and that is those who merge the magic and technology. You can fall into any of these categories without penalty.

Guilds - There are two types of guilds, Major and Minor. Joining a major guild is an easy way to get ahead in the world and build a support base but it is not a required feature. Joining a minor guild is almost always required to live in the world. The differences between the two are listed below.

            Major Guilds – There are 6 major guilds, the Mage's Guild, the Temple Guild, the Fighter's Guild, the Shadow Guild, the Merchant's Guild, and the Tinker's Guild. Those 6 guilds act as sponsors for the minor guilds. You may only belong to 1 major guild and that guild determines the perks and favors you receive. You may be friendly with another guild and use their services, but you won’t be considered a member.

            Minor Guilds – There are thousands of minor guilds. They range in structure from simple adventuring groups of 5-6 with no guild hall or resources all the way up to guilds of more than a thousand with a guild hall, trade routes, and resources. Each minor guild is sponsored by at least 1 major guild, but many are sponsored by multiple major guilds. These minor guilds serve as a way to group adventurers who wish to go through the portal and accept jobs. You can belong to as many minor guilds as you choose.

Port City – This city is the capital of the Elemental Isles. With a population in the hundreds of thousands with half that many transients that simply work there. Anything and everything can be found here. All the major guilds have main halls here and anyone who wishes to make a living in any occupation must come to the city at least once in their lifetime and register with a guild and be able to accept jobs and jump through the portal.

Licenses – These are the only forms of magic that everyone accepts, even if they forsake all other magic. They take the form of a magical sigil or glyph on the body. They are invisible unless invoked and invoking them allows your current state to be reported to the guilds as well as basic communication to them. The guilds use these to track lost member, track job progress and rank, issue members aid, distribute funds and favors, and record the final resting places of those who fall. The only ones who can issue licenses are the guild masters. Refusing a license is a very rare occurrence as it handicaps anyone who seeks employment from the guild. For those who choose not to pledge to a major guild, the Mage’s guild can over a universal license that serves all the same functions but without a major guild tie. This takes place during the contract sealing before setting foot through the portal.

Locations – There are many cities and settlements spread across the isles, if you wish to know more about them please message me or we can talk about them in the first session. The map will give you a basic idea of the geography of the areas within the continent. Any island can serve as your home, just check with me as far as population and races that call the island home. The maps can be found on the website.

Portals – This will be a very travel heavy game. You will rarely go to the same place when you jump through the portal unless you intentionally ask. We are using this system to make it easy to keep characters separate while running multiple groups in the same world on an active timeline. You will have opportunities to travel literally anywhere you can think of with enough time and luck.

Multiple Groups & Characters – We are running this game with the intention of having multiple groups of players. You will all eventually have the opportunity to create a 2nd character once we hit level 10 and above with our main characters. This will not be anytime soon, but it will happen if you stick with it and play when able.

Multiple DM’s – I won’t be the only DM for this world. If you wish to DM please let me know as soon as you know you want to and we can work together to make sure you are able to have the best experience possible.


If you have any questions message me (Bob) on Facebook chat, discord, or email. All Patreon members have access to our Facebook chat and discord. For email use