Chaos Plan Player Information 

This will help make the game a little easier to understand and follow. You’ll find information about the guilds, the rule changes, and other general information here. Links are also included to see our Obsidian Portal campaign and give you all further information. Thank you for checking us out!

The campaign is set in the world of Arcadia. This world is an example what what magic can do when uncontrollably released upon the world. Magic in ancient times was present in everything and became as valuable a resource as oxygen and water. Magic became overused and when magic attempted to create new deities. The Gods and Goddesses of magic could let that pass and withdrew from the work taking their magic with them. Including the Crystal Obelisk which connected the mortal realm with the realm of the Gods. Many didn’t survive the first several years without magic.

Without the use of magic the different races blamed each other for the disappearance and sought to find ways to recreate magic’s effects. Technology became the new power in the world and many great advancements were made. At the height of technologies power the mortal races once again sought to create powerful beings and ascend to godhood. Fearing this the divine powers sought to create balance once again returned magic and the obelisk linking the realms thus acting as a counterbalance to technology’s singular grip on power, now know as The Shift.

A century past with the two great powers learning to co-exist. The world had changed in ways not even the greatest of prophets could have predicted. Using the combined powers of technology and magic mankind once again sought out what it should have left alone. A disastrous explosion occurred when Magi-tech, the fusion of magic and technology, tried to clone the Crystal Obelisk to create a new world where they would be Gods. This caused the crystal, to explode sending shards to all corners of the globe. The heroes of the world banded together creating the 6 great guilds. The guilds spent more than 50 years searching for the lost crystal shards and researching how to create artificial shards. Eventually enough shards were found and created that 9 smaller crystals were created. The new crystals had the odd property of not only being linked to each other but to other planes of existence after being exposed to various energies and magics.

Though the use of Magi-Tech a now a social taboo there are those out there that still practice it. It has been over 350 years since the Shift. The world’s economy now centers around the exploration of the portals and bringing back materials and items not found on Arcadia. This is where our story takes place. The 6 major guilds hire smaller guilds and adventurers to bring back resources for trade and research.

World Map

World Map