All Members - Adventurers - $1

  • Access to member only content

  • Can take part in and join The Chaos Plan podcast

  • Member only polls

  • A shout-out on air when you join our Patreon

  • Custom Adventuring Guild Pins

  • Random Sample Products (random patron will be picked when I receive samples)

  • Access to our Discord

Party Members - $2

  • Submit your character ideas for consideration on the Homebrew Review show. (This is not a guarantee of entry but your idea will be looked over and submitted for a vote if it meets all criteria for the show.)

  • Party Member Tier Pin

  • Plus all previous rewards

Party Leader - Sponsor Rank - $5

  • Be a sponsor of the Adventuring Guild. You can submit your work to us and it will be put in front of the players whenever it fits the theme and will be given priority over other material. 

  • A spot on our website will be reserved for you and a button linked to your work will be included.

  • Can submit ideas for and join A Long Rest, an after hours chat with stories from other campaigns and D&D in general.

  • DM a game of the Chaos Plan. You will receive a copy of the campaign setting lore and can run your own game as a part of the Chaos Plan.

  • Party Leader Tier Pin

  • Plus all previous rewards

Quest Giver - $10

  • Content Submission - play the material you created on the Homebrew Review show. Great advertising opportunity!

  • Access to a Discord Channel for content creators.

  • Quest Giver Tier Pin

  • Plus all previous rewards

Dungeon Delver - $20

  • Sneak peak on rough drafts and play-test material that we create.

  • Dungeon Delver Tier Pin

  • Special Discord Channel for play-testing

  • Quarterly Merch - You will be sent merchandise once a quarter from us. 

  • All Previous Tier Rewards

Dungeon Boss - $50

  • Custom content created for you. Once a month we will create a custom subclass, race, magic item, or spell in PHB format. 

  • Dungeon Boss Tier Pin

  • Plus all previous rewards

Player - $100

  • Join the crew on the show! You will be invited to join the podcast for a full month worth of episodes. (Guaranteed to be on the show for one full month once a year as long as you keep the current tier of participation)

  • Part of a weekly recorded fun campaign

  • Player Tier Pin

  • Plus all previous rewards