Thank you fro joining us for another Long Rest, for this episode we are sitting in the Harold in Salt in Wounds where B is serving us (hopefully not contaminated) ale. This week Braydon and Bob are interviewing J.M. Perkins. You would know him from his column on tribality, his stories, and from his successfully backed, Salt In Wounds, campaign setting. He gives us a wonderful preview of the setting that includes several spoilers.

To find more information on J.M. and his work visit his website.

You can also find his Salt in Wounds Backerkit here.

For any questions tweet at him or send him an email.



Also, in the DM Showcase we are reviewing City & Wild by Ignacio Portilla. This supplement explores some of the crazy things you can do within an urban environment as well as more in-depth knowledge about the flora and fauna in the wilderness and what you can do with it. There is a plethora of knowledge within that document including: alternate humans, the rider prestige class, alchemy rules, guilds, wilderness survival challenges, effects of plant consumption, and much much more.

Thank you all for checking this out and we hope to see you again for A Long Rest. 

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