Thank you for joining us for another long rest, this time we are camping in a dark forest as part of our review of the GrimmDark: A Book of Fairy Tales.

This episode we will be chatting with Braydon, who is not only a member of the podcast but also a Best Seller on the DMS Guild. We will talk a bit about D&D in Australia as well as his tip on what he does to help create content that is worthy of being on the best seller list. You can find a link to his work here.


We also bring up 3 wonderful recommendations that you can use in your game to help create content and manager your tables better.

The link to the GrimmDark packet can be found above.

Braydon's Recommendation can be found here: GIMP

The World Building Kit can be found here.


Thank you all for checking this out and we hope to see you again for A Long Rest. 

Intro and Outro music was created by Vergil Nelson.

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