On this long rest we are taking a break in Grom's Aleforge.

Vergil is joining me and we will be talking about music, ambience, and how to incorporate it into your game. He also has his own patreon now so you can check it out here. He will soon be adding up music for you to download. 

We are also going to be talking about balancing homebrew material and what we look for and use to figure it out for the Homebrew Review. Sites and things we will talk about are Detect Balancefor races. And Sprouting Chaos, mentioned but couldn't remember who wrote it.

Last but not least, in DM recommendations we talk about Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks by Loresmyth. Check this amazing book out for yourself!

Thank you all for checking this out and we hope to see you again for A Long Rest. 

Intro and Outro music was created by Vergil Nelson.

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